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Thursday, 31 May 2012

the light

The light above your head, watches you everyday.
lighting your day, night and life.

Cause even when it rains outside
There is light
Even when you cry all night
Your alright
Even when you loose your way
You'll get through
Cause there is someone watching over you

~ Yolanda Bloom

Monday, 21 May 2012

Speed Of Life.

The Speed Of Life

I sit and watch, 
The cars go by.
My life seems, 
So motionless.
Standing still, 
But moving so fast.
Faster than the speed of light, 
Is the speed of life. 
                                                    ~Jamie Collins

Held my camera after a long time to see that the life in the city has been moving at light speeds. A view of the traffic at 100 feet road Indira Nagar. 
The distortion in the image is intentional to get a hazy picture indicating the distortion in the minds.

P.S : no idea how many of you missed my this space.. but its good to be back and clicking :)