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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Its a Cat's Life..!!

In ancient Egypt cats were sacred animals, with Bast often depicted in cat form, sometimes taking on the warlike aspect of a lioness. Domestic cats were spread throughout much of the rest of the world during the Age of Discovery, as they were carried on sailing ships to control shipboard rodents and as good-luck charms.Several ancient religions believed that cats are exalted souls, companions or guides for humans, that they are all-knowing but are mute so they cannot influence decisions made by humans. In Japan, the Maneki Neko is a cat that is a symbol of good fortune. Although there are no sacred species in Islam, some writers have stated that Muhammad had a favorite cat, Muezza. He is reported to have loved cats so much that "he would do without his cloak rather than disturb one that was sleeping on it". Freyja—the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology—is depicted as riding a chariot drawn by cats.

 According to a myth in many cultures, cats have multiple lives. In many countries, they are believed to have nine lives, but in some Spanish-speaking regions they are said to have seven lives,while in Turkish and Arabic traditions the number of lives is six. The myth is attributed to the natural suppleness and swiftness cats exhibit to escape life-threatening situations. Also lending credence to this myth is the fact that falling cats often land on their feet, using an instinctive righting reflex to twist their bodies around. Nonetheless, cats can still be injured or killed by a high fall.

This was my most loved cat.. Moosa..!! with a coat that looked liked that of a Tiger (lighter shade) and a fluffly tail.. He was the most handsome and yet the most laziest cat I had ever seen. I miss him very much. Everyday :|

may his soul rest in peace.!!!


  1. Do I see another cat lover? Well, do I?

    I simply love cats! To the extent that I'm quite good at imitating them, including the sharp nails. ^^

    Cute cat, by the way. They are equally adorable and dear too. :D

  2. Eh tu ??? Cat lover...!! Omg seriously..!! Wow.. I am an animal lover in fact with cats on the top of my list...!!! :):):) and luckily cats love me back.. Well atleast mine does :)

    its wonderful.. Welcome to the club... I actually have loads of pics of my cats... Them as Kittens.. Etc.. But this guy was a real rockstar.. Miss him dearly :(

  3. Awww sorry for your loss kano...I love cats too..I should put up pics of my extended family too sometime,the size of which is diminsihing :@(.

    I like the stories that come with your pics buddy, I really enjoy reading them :D