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Monday, 7 November 2011

The squirrel next door sorry next tree..!!

Out all of all the animals that thrive in busy suburban areas, squirrels undoubtedly have to be one of the cutest and most interesting.  If you’re fortunate enough to see these critters roaming around your sidewalk or backyard you might take how fascinating squirrels are for granted.  


Squirrels are found in TONS of different countries across almost the entire planet.  In fact, there are only two continents that don’t have squirrels – Antarctica and Australia.

Even though they are relatively small in size, squirrels are absolutely phenomenal jumpers.  In the right conditions, a full grown squirrel can jump as far as twenty feet!  This is because squirrels have extremely powerful back legs that enable them to push off of objects and leap incredible distances.

The hind legs of all squirrels are double jointed.  This adaptation allows them to nimbly scramble up and down trees with ease.

Some squirrels can fall as far as 100 feet without sustaining any type of injury – they sometimes can use their fluffy tail as a sort of make shift parachute!

Squirrels can easily eat their entire body weight every week (usually only around 1.5 pounds).

A male squirrel can detect a female squirrel in heat from up to a whole mile away!  Females usually give birth to between 2-4 baby squirrels every mating season.

A squirrel can actually sometime see things that are completely behind them.  This is due to the unique way that their eyes are positioned on their heads.


  1. Looks as innocent as me!
    Good one da :) You Pattar!

  2. I didn't know these facts about Squirrels.. Wow fascinating! 100 feet jump? wahaoo.. and the pic's taken well.. I like :)

  3. Another well-researched documentary(wish there was a word like blogatary) :))

  4. hehehen sooooo cute! I loove squirrels!

  5. @Red : :) cute arent they :) i wish i could get a better shot at it..!! this is highly zoomed hence the lack of clarity :|

  6. dai take care of the focus da...the colors are as vibrant on the backgrd as they are on the suirrel. Darken the backgrd....Picassa offers you sme decent options. :)

  7. @akila : I tried da..!! i kept it to keep the color on the squirrel equally bright as the background offers a nice color pattern too..!!

    @Braj : dude..!! thanks a bunch :)

    @CS : Thanks da :) interesting creatures na they are..!!

    @VJ : theng you saar theng you..!! :D