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Monday, 31 October 2011

The childhood dreams

I call this post the childhood dreams because the idea of posting this picture cam after I had a dream where I saw myself back as a child 

Bachpan Ke Dukh Bhi Kitney Achchay Hotey They
Tab Tau Sirf Khiloney Toota Kartey They

Woh Khushi Bhi Janey Kaisi Khushi Thi
Titlee Ke Par Noch Kay Oochla Kartey They

Paon Mar Ke Khud Barish Ke Paani Mein
Apni Nao Aap Dobuyaa Kartey They

Ab Socho Tau Chot Si Parti Hay Dil Par
Aap Bana Ke Aap Gharondey Tora Kartey They

Ab Tau Ik Aansoo'n Bhi Ruswa Kar Jata Hai
Bachpan Main Tau Jee Bhar Ke Ro Liya Kartey They.......


  1. I'm FIRST! :D
    Good one :) mottakutty

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  3. poem is lovely..and so so true!! Like the b/w picture..Is that you?? SOoo sooo cute the kid is! :D *awwwwww*

    P.S. I wanted to be first :( .. Never mind I'll tackle you later VM..

  4. @VJ : Unnikuttaaaa.. akosettooo..!! :D hahahahhahaha :)

    @CS : no..thats not me..!! and ya.. i ve developed a fondness towards urdu poetry these day :) thanks for liking me.!! my pic is on my blogger profile :D

  5. @spuernickkk : dai! LOVELY FRAMING DA! Just try darkening the bckgrd a lil and blurring it too..see to it the steering is seen but the focus shud be on the childs face! :) Lovely work!

  6. I loooooooveeeeee the picture!!!!! :D :D ... I took almost 10 minutes to read the poem and it was worth it! ;) ... :D :D sooo relatable! :) :)

  7. heheheheh Look at that face...hehehehehe. Goppu Goppu cheeky bwoy/ garl wants to drive? ,aybe he wants to go for F1 in the future! :D
    Awesome chick maccha!

  8. @RED : hahahahhahahahaha thanks.. its the son of my ex manager who was partially the reason why I quit my job :) he had asked me to click his pics so had a few..!! :)

    @Viya 10 min for the poem ???? :P but am glad you liked it :) thanks :)

    @AILKA : thanks machi.. its an old click hence there was nothin in mind except point and shoot.. also i tried some stuffs with edition and trust me this was the best without spoiling the kid's face. hence posted it this way.. will take care next time da..!!

  9. The poem...gosh it's just so beautiful...just the kind of thoughts swarming in my head!!!

  10. @DIGS : Hey thanks a bunch :) all credits to the urdu poetry..!! its brilliant if you get a hang of it.. quite addictive too :)