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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The fortune teller.

Fortune telling in India can be seen in various forms.
based on sun/moon signs, Palm reading, parrot astrology and the latest involving computers as well.
Shreya believes that Fortune telling for those who believe in it well and good but hard work is what she believes.

For a guy like me who reads all the 12 horoscope's daily prediction to make sure my the day on the overall goes good *pun intended*

 I feel, fortune smiles..when the fortune teller smiles :)


  1. nice ...
    just a start with you gotta work on the exposure...

  2. @Kaveer : Thanks a lot Bud.. I actually gotta work on a lot of things..!! will keep in mind and try do.. :)

  3. dude...try selective coloring to this pic da...the parrot and the box can remail clored..I gess it wil take this pic to a whole new dimention!

  4. @Akila : I had clicked this in B&W da.. i did not change it later.. there was an entire set of clicks that i did in B&W. :( thats why.. no much editing done on this..!!

  5. Ahem my line used.. thank you thank you! ;) .. but who believes is a question? The pic's come out well...

    I feel, fortune smiles..when the fortune teller smiles :) ...this line I love :)

  6. hahah love the expression on those faces!!
    Loved the click...but umm everyone except the fortune teller seem interested :P

  7. @CS : Ahemm.... theng u myadom theng you...!!! am glad you liked it. and I told you na.. that I would use it :)

    @RED : the 2 people in the background came and joined them just because I was taking their astrologer's pic. :) n thats the fortune tellers irresistible side smile :D

  8. I like that you always care enough to include a thought along with the photo, adds so much more to it.

  9. @PV : Thanks a lot :)I just am trying not to make it look like a just another photo blog :)